Year 7 & 8

Ascot Community School is the only co-ed Full Primary State School within the Invercargill city boundary and, as such, offers a complete package for children between preschool and high school.

The Education Review Office found that transitions between schools ‘can disrupt students’ learning.’ Students face two transitions within a short period of time, to a middle/intermediate school and then to a secondary school. The advantage of a Full Primary school like ours means that your child leaves Ascot Community School with the best primary education blended with the best of intermediate education and only one transition to high school.

Over 90% of our Year 6 students choose to stay at Ascot Community School and complete their intermediate years in a full primary school and there are many reasons for that.

Full Primary Schools are known for having a caring family environment that enhances personal development, supportive staff who know your children well and care about their progress, and quality teaching and learning across the curriculum to prepare your child for the future.

We also provide a Year 7 and 8 programme designed to meet the academic and social needs of emerging adolescents, and significant leadership opportunities for children in the senior school.