Whanau learning

Practice makes perfect!

Click on the links below for some great educational websites for children…

We use some of these websites in our classroom programmes, they are also fantastic for home based learning.

e-ako is a Math based programme used mainly in the middle school.

Kiwi Kids News is a website that has current events written in easy to understand language - it also has some very interesting articles!

NZ Math - Whanau page has links for tasks that can be done at home to extend and develop learning in Math while having fun at home (e.g cooking, gardening, watching sport).

Prodigy is a Math based website where goals are set for the students and they work towards their goals using game based learning. (Mainly used in the senior classes)

Reading Eggs is in interactive reading programme that is mainly used in the junior and middle school. The students have texts they can read with follow up questions.